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iUnderstand: Using Tech to Vote Smarter

If Scotland can turn out 97% of its citizens to vote, why can’t we? HeadCount Team Leader Bridgid Tatlow explores how tech could get us there.

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Students Battle NC Voting Laws

North Carolina students are using a never-before-seen defense to battle obstructions to youth voting.

Arkansas and Kansas: Voter ID Battlegrounds

Legal back-and-forth on voting laws threw new ID laws in Arkansas and Kansas into question this week.

Voter ID is Dead in Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker failed to “point to a single instance of known voter impersonation occurring in Wisconsin at any time in the recent past.”

Voter ID Out in Arkansas, but Attorney General Appeals

An Arkansas judge called the state’s voter ID law “void and unenforceable.”

Voter Fraud Detector Fails in Florida

A controversial program designed to fight voter fraud has failed in Florida.

Presidential Commission Urges Voting Innovations

If these good ideas are adopted, voting will get a whole lot easier.

PA Voter ID Law Struck Down in Court

A judge’s ruling could spell the end of strict voter ID in Pennsylvania.

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Don’t Blame Congress for the Government Shutdown: An Open Letter to America

Guest contributor Alex Rinear argues that the government shutdown is ultimately the fault of the American people — particularly those who decline to vote. He calls on Americans to show up, be heard, and change Congress in 2014.

“Voting Tiers” to Create Classes of Voters

Two tiers of voting are set to create two classes of voter in Arizona and Kansas, in reaction to a Supreme Court ruling that attempted to enforce federal regulations over state registration requirements.