Classes Cancelled for Wall Street Protest

A HeadCount intern tells how his professors joined a student walkout in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

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Artist Gwen AP On: Art, Education and Finding Herself

In our continuing series of interviews with live painters, Gwen AP tells how she went from painting in the crowd to painting on stage.

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Education Issue Update: Matt Damon’s Schooling on Schooling

In education news: everything from anti-gay discrimination to celebrity robot lovers to a Matt Damon verbal sparring.

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A Scholarship Specifically for White Males

In response to the many scholarships open only to women or ethnic minorities, an organization is offering scholarships exclusively for white males.

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Education Issue Update: Schools Surviving Turbulent Times

The economy’s down and tuition’s up. That and more in this month’s Education Issue Update.

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Education Issue Update: Dispatch Digs Into Budget Battle

In light of the long-delayed federal budget coming due, there’s lots of news on the education front – including the band Dispatch launching an entire campaign to protect Pell Grants and service.

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Dispatch to pass the torch of service at Red Rocks

The famed Red Rocks Amphitheater was built entirely by young people serving in the Civilian Conservation Corp. Now, 75-years later, Dispatch is kicking off a tour there, in the name of saving service and education in America.

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Interview: Artist David ‘LEBO’ Le Batard

Acclaimed artist David ‘LEBO’ Le Batard sat down with HeadCount to discuss live art, the voting system in Florida, and a recent work being auctioned to support The Philadelphia Young Playwrights.

Electronic Music Festival in Binghamton to Benefit HeadCount and Oxfam

Binghamtronica, the first-ever electronic music festival in the Binghamton, New York area, will benefit HeadCount and Oxfam

Anti-Student Voting Bill Dies in NH

Efforts in New Hampshire to bar college students from voting at their school addresses have been killed, for now.