School is IN for Summer Thanks to Capitol Community

Ian Weissman is a New York City public school teacher and also a HeadCount Team Leader. Thanks to The Capitol Community Fund, a joint effort between the Capitol Theatre and HeadCount, Ian was part of a group of educators who went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to learn how to…

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Is Participatory Budgeting Good for Democracy?

My Elementary School, P.S. 24 (Class of 2002 represent), wants two new laptop carts consisting of 72 brand new laptop computers. When I went there we had a computer lab consisting of two or three dozen pre-iMac Apples. In that lab Mavis Beacon taught me how to type, Zoombinis taught me how to do math, and…

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Free Concert Tix for Good (Global) Citizens

What if taking action online to end global poverty earned you free concert tix? Global Citizen is making that a reality.

A teacher’s take on education policy

Passion and imagination go out the window when we “Teach to the test”, says one fed up educator.

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We’re Sending Teachers to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

HeadCount and the Capitol Theatre are sending area school teachers to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for summer curriculum training. If you’re a teacher, here’s info on how to apply. If you love great live music, here’s how you can help.

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Studying Music Abroad, All Expenses Paid.

Do you want to study abroad? Yeah. Do you want to do it with someone else’s money? Hell yeah. Want to study international music culture while you’re there? Well my friends, you should know that The Fulbright Scholarship has taken a turn toward the musical.

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Education Issue Update: School ‘n’ the Candidates

Education is high on the young voters agenda. Where they’ve been, where they’re going, and how much it’s going to cost to get there. In order to make the right vote for you, it must be an informed vote. Here’s some info that might help.

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Anti-bullying Video Going Viral

If you put a few hundred adolescents together in a relatively confined space for months on end, hormones will rage, insecurities will be magnified, developing personalities will clash, and bullying will happen. I see it every day at the middle school where I teach, and I know that what I see in my classroom and the hallways is only part of the story.

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On the Road with Reverb and J.Cole

HeadCount’s Laura Bedrick, reporting live from J. Cole’s tour bus on the Campus Consciousness Tour.

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Education Issue Update: The GOP and Education

As the Republican primaries proceed, it’s worth taking a good, hard look at the candidates’ stances on education.

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