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Should 16 Year-Olds Have the Right to Vote? Pros and Cons

Rapidly more and more nations are deciding to lower their voting age, as well. Some of these nations include Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and the UK. The United States, as a result, is catching up. Two Maryland cities have already granted municipal voting rights to 16 and 17 year olds, and there’s a recent push in San Francisco to follow their lead. Additionally, more than 15 states already allow 17 year olds to vote in primaries to nominate candidates for president, Congress, and governor. So now the question is – what are the pros and cons of taking this nationwide?

Ride Home from High Sierra With A “Fat Tire” Bike

You know the bicycle on each label of New Belgium’s “Fat Tire Ale”? Did you know that every employee-owner at New Belgium gets his or her own custom bike when they’ve been with the company a year? Well here’s something I bet you don’t know… HeadCount will be giving away one of those bikes at…

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Community Question: How we do prevent another oil spill?

The BP oil spill in the gulf is now the biggest environmental disaster in our nation’s history. While stopping it and cleaning up its mess is the biggest topic of discussion, we want to gauge what the music community thinks is the best way to prevent another one. [poll id=”6″]

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SWAT Team Raids Families Home and Kills Dog. Finds a Bong.

Last month, HeadCount’s Community Question asked “what personal liberty issues are most important to you?” Those who participated in the poll overwhelmingly chose marijuana legalization among the 4 choices. So it’s pretty certain that this video of a marijuana raid that took place at a family home in Columbia, Missouri in February will stir some…

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Community Question: Issues of Personal Liberty

HeadCount polls the live music community on a regular basis to find out how you feel about some important issues. This month, our Community Question focuses on “Personal Liberty.” [poll id=”4″]

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Community Question: Solutions on Climate Change

Last fall, we had a poll measuring how many of you had health insurance and where you got it. About 35% of you said you were without insurance, and it kicked off a great stream of comments posted online. We’re now going to start asking a new question every few weeks. We invite you to…