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HeadCount, Charlottesville and LOCKN’

HeadCount is an organization that seeks to empower all Americans and make sure their voices are heard. We try to make sure everyone feels like welcome participants in the democratic process. That creed directly conflicts with the fascism, Nazism and violent thuggery we saw on display from the white nationalists who marched on Charlottesville, VA this weekend….

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Interview: Rebecca Wood on Her High-Profile Heathcare Activism

Rebecca Wood is a mom, a huge music fan, and HeadCount’s Charlottesville, VA Team Leader. In just the last few months, she’s also become become a high-profile advocate for the Affordable Care Act, meeting with multiple members of Congress and getting interviewed many times by the national press. She never expected to be an activist…

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#VoteLocal Phish Photobooth – Win Phree Ben & Jerry’s at Baker’s Dozen

We live in interesting times. Phish is playing a 13-night run at MSG, Ben & Jerry’s just dropped the special Freezer Reprise flavor and Jon Fishman is an elected official. So obviously we’re going to celebrate this Baker’s Dozen run. Our #VoteLocal photobooth has traversed the country this summer from the Hangout Fest in Alabama, High…

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Turning Crowds into Custodians: The Magic of Electricology

Why do I love music festivals? Obviously it starts with the music. But if all I wanted was music I’d never have to leave my couch (or Spotify account). What really gets me going at fests is being part of a community greater than just myself. And Electric Forest holds a special place in my…

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On May 31st, Jerry Garcia’s “Wolf” guitar was auctioned for an astounding $1.6 million to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center, which fights racism and hate crimes. Just before the bidding started, Jerry’s daughter Trixie told the audience about how happy her father would be to know his guitar was supporting such a great cause. She then coined…

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Ariana Grande Channeling George Harrison

On Monday, June 5, 2017, Ariana Grande hosted One Love Manchester, a benefit concert supporting the families of victims that lost their lives in the Manchester bombing, raising around $3 million. Throughout the night, Grande pushed a message of oneness, togetherness, and took to social media to eloquently state that “we will not quit or…

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Beyond The White House: 2017 Races To Watch

Although 2017 can be considered an “off year” in terms of federal elections, there are several that are garnering fairly significant national attention. A couple of gubernatorial races in powerful states (Virginia + New Jersey) could re-shape the political landscape, a handful of special elections left to fill Congressional seats vacated by President Trump’s cabinet appointments…

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Liar Liar GE2017 Brings Protest Music Back to the Charts

Liar Liar GE2017 is a fiercely anti-establishment anthem that has hit number 1 on iTunes’ UK charts despite being banned by the state-run BBC radio network. This takeoff is in large part due to the fact that “People are fed up with this government” according to the song’s creator Captain SKA. Many people are familiar…

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Meet John Mayer’s Veterans Charity at Dead & Co.

Layer by layer, fans of Dead & Company are learning more about John Mayer. On Sunday, they’ll get a first-hand look at his philanthropic side. The Veterans Health and Integration Program, (VHIP) a non-profit collaborative with Bay Area leaders in veterans health, was founded by John Mayer in 2011. They’ll be at Dead & Company’s…

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Rob Quist, Jon Fishman Continue Tradition of Musician Politicians

There’s this stereotype that a law degree is a bit of a pre-requisite for serving in public office. But that certainly isn’t a requirement. Rand Paul was an optometrist before running for office. Rush Holt Jr. was a rocket scientist. Our current president even was a reality TV personality before his decision to serve the…

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