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North Carolina Primary in Jeopardy due to Racial Gerrymander

North Carolina’s primaries are in jeopardy after a federal judicial ruling declared two congressional districts unconstitutional due to racial gerrymandering. The Tar Heel State planned to hold primaries on March 15 and even started sending out absentee ballots, but now everything is up in the air. Last Friday a panel of three federal judges ruled…

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My Mother: The Voting Rights Crusader

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA). The VRA is federal legislation that prevents states from discriminating against minority voters. President Johnson announced the bill after the tragedies in Selma, AL and congress pushed it through in relatively short time to respond to the immediate needs of a changing…

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All Eyes on North Carolina Election Law Case

North Carolina is carefully being watched as a federal trial is underway that will determine if its 2013 election law is illegal. The plaintiffs, including the US Justice Department, North Carolina NAACP and the North Carolina League of Women Voters, are tasked with proving that North Carolina’s election law reform, known as HB589, was created and enacted to intentionally discriminate against minorities and voters under 25.

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SCOTUS takes on racially defined redistricting

This spring the United States Supreme Court has stepped in to address racial gerrymanders in Alabama and North Carolina. Each state has been asked to reconsider existing judicial decisions on districts drawn following the 2010 census. Additional states are expected to follow.

Record turnout for Ferguson local elections

Despite rainy weather throughout Ferguson, yesterday a record 29% diverse voter turnout altered the makeup of the city council to having 3 black and 3 white representatives. This historical shift in council make up is a direct result of the breakdown of Ferguson’s community and great loss. Historically Ferguson sees a 10% to 12% turnout in…

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Maryland Looks to Engage Ex-felons Through Voting

Inmates who are released from prison will be allowed to vote under a proposed Marylan law. Ex-Felons would gain voting rights while still on parole

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Oregon Voters Are Automatically Registered Under New Law

If you have an Oregon drivers license issued in the last two years, you’re also registered to vote. That’s the nut of a new law in Oregon that positions the state as leader in voter accessibility. By digitally linking Department of Motor Vehicles records to voter registration, anyone who has been to the DMV since…

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Celebrate National Voter Registration Day

For HeadCount, there’s only one day as important as Election Day: National Voter Registration Day. It’s Tuesday Sept. 23rd, and we want you to be a part of it.

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