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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: The Presidential Candidates and the Gulf Coast

Let’s see what the candidates have said, and done, about Gulf Coast recovery and offshore drilling in the Gulf. (Spoiler alert… not much).

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Interview: Ivan Neville

In a wide-ranging interview, Ivan Neville talks about New Orleans, the Saints, and the upcoming HeadCount Participation Tour

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Gary Johnson: Balancer of Budgets, Scaler of Summits

There a more than just two candidates in every election. Let’s look at where Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson stands on some of the issues

Was Paul Ryan a Smart Choice for Romney? – No

Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate is confusing for a number of reasons.

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A Few Thoughts on My Time at Fox News

A HeadCount intern asks Mike Huckabee why he only brings Democrats and Republicans on his show

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What is Ron Paul Up To? The Answer Might Surprise You

Working the little-known Republican State Convention system to his advantage, Ron Paul has picked up a majority of the delegates from a number of states.

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Obama Rebukes Latin America on Call to End War on Drugs

President Obama shrugged off Latin American leaders’ calls for a new approach to drug policy

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The Arcade Fire are Using Ticket Sales to Raise Money for Haitian Clinics

Members of the Arcade Fire discussed their philanthropic efforts with students at the University of Texas during SXSW

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Can you Gamble on Elections? You Betchya

Did you know that overseas websites take “bets” on U.S. election? Mitt Romney is still the favorite to win the Republican nomination, but his odds plummeted after the South Carolina primary. The crazy thing is that the odds on the “Political Prediction Market” are more accurate than most polls.

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Herman Cain and the Politics of Sexual Misconduct

A HeadCount intern wonders why Herman Cain’s alleged consensual extramarital affair did more damage to his campaign than earlier accusations of sexual harassment

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