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“Welcome Wilco!” A Weekend of Solid Sound

By Phil Frandina on June 26, 2013

Our unbeatable Solid Sound Festival Coordinator Phil Frandina gives us an inside peek into a few days in the (awesome) life of a HeadCounter.

2012 Election: A Turning Point For Same-Sex Marriage?

By Phil Frandina on November 15, 2012

After 32-straight electoral losses, same-sex marriage went four-for-four this year. Opinion polls also show support from the majority of Americans. Has the tide turned permanently?

REVERB, The Ally Coaltion and Ben & Jerry’s Make Equality FUN.

By Phil Frandina on November 9, 2012

In the wake of the election, human rights and liberties has become a major talking point across the nation. With the election now behind us, Reverb, Ben & Jerry’s, and the band fun. want to make sure campuses across the nation are continuing those discussions.

Festival Owner Gets 30 Months in Slammer

By Phil Frandina on October 11, 2012

The owner of the Camp Zoe festival grounds is going to jail for 30 months on drug charges, simply for not stopping certain drugs to from being sold on his property.