Author: Laurie Lenninger

Making an Impact with AFROPUNK

Recently I had the incredible opportunity to put on what might have been the coolest event I’ve ever helped put on with HeadCount: a STAY WOKE letter-writing party with our friends from AFROPUNK. I woke up early on Sunday, May 7th, packed a car full of HeadCount supplies (I had to forgo a sausage egg…

February Team Leader of the Month

HeadCount has the best volunteers in music and we want the whole world to know. We tried shouting it from various rooftops but after a few rooftops our voices got a little hoarse and we realized no one was listening to us. So instead we decided to highlight a different volunteer Team Leader every month….

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HeadCount Rockin Road Trip to NH

As the leading non-profit organization that registers voters at concerts, HeadCount wanted to know what young people in New Hampshire really thought about the candidates as the primary approached. So we road tripped to the Granite State, to capture the energy of the primaries and interview young people volunteering for campaigns, attending rallies, or just…

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HeadCount is Grassroots California’s Charity of the Month for February

Grassroots California is a progressive clothing line that makes high quality merchandise, at affordable prices, all done here in the United States. I for one LOVE their creative and unique lines of flat brim hats, both fitted and snapbacks. In fact in 2014 Grassroots California and HeadCount collaborated to create the iconic “#GoVote” hat that…