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The Dynamic DMB Democracy Drive: Ode to the SUPERFANS!

By Jeff Simonds on June 14, 2016

Superfans (for any band) are the greatest.  These are the fans who love a band so much they memorize fun facts, like the current profession of the guy who used to drum for the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1987 (fun fact: he writes music for movies—in fact he wrote the music for “The Lincoln…

The Dynamic Democratic DMB Drive: A Yankee In The South

By Jeff Simonds on May 27, 2016

What’s the opposite of a jet-setter? I don’t know what the best word for it is. A home-body? A small-town kid? I don’t really know. But, whatever you call it, that’s what I am. I am not a traveler. I was born in upstate New York, went to school in Upstate New York, currently work…

The Dynamic DMB Democracy Drive: Let’s Analyze The Crowds, Eh?

By Jeff Simonds on May 24, 2016

I’ve been going to Dave Mathews Band shows for fourteen years, now.  After this summer ends, I will have seen DMB play live in over thirty venues (in fifteen states).  I have been in the pit, I have been in the balcony, I have been on the lawn, and I have been in the parking…

The Dynamic DMB Democracy Drive: Three Short Adventures in Voting

By Jeff Simonds on May 20, 2016

Story 1:  Keli’s Tale (subtitle: “Spooky Waffle House”) It’s damn near one in the morning, somewhere outside of Memphis, and Keli needs to pee.  There is nothing open.  Fast food joints are closed.  Gas stations are pitch black.  The town is deserted with the exception of an isolated Waffle House uncomfortably far from the main…

The Dynamic DMB Democracy Drive: A Defense of DMB Fans

By Jeff Simonds on May 17, 2016

When people ask me what music I listen to, I’ll bury Dave Matthews Band in a list of several bands with better reputations: “Oh, I listen to Alabama Shakes, The Hold Steady, Dave Matthews, Jack White…”  It’s kind of like saying, “My favorite foods are sushi, lobster, Hamburger Helper, and a fine porterhouse.”  And I…

The Dynamic DMB Democracy Drive (Part One)

By Jeff Simonds on May 13, 2016

We’ve got 19 days, 13 states to visit, 11 Dave Matthews Band shows to see, 4000 miles to drive, hundreds of people to register to vote, and dozens of bags of travel-sized cookies to eat on the road… …but first, we gotta figure out how to keep our tent from blowing into the streets of…

A Conversation Between The News Media & Jeff Simonds

By Jeff Simonds on May 2, 2014

In this installment of his series, Jeff Simonds tries to have a talk with the media about the real issues.

Jeff Simonds: The Pitch

By Jeff Simonds on March 7, 2014

What if we chose the vice president like we choose America’s Next Top Model? Jeff Simonds makes the pitch — in comic form.

Jeff Simonds: I Have A Gun

By Jeff Simonds on February 18, 2014

Jeff Simonds — a gun owner — takes on gun control and who should make it past background checks.

Jeff Simonds: Are the Grammys Out of Touch?

By Jeff Simonds on February 4, 2014

In a new series on HeadCount’s blog, Jeff Simonds — a professor, writer, and HeadCount Team Leader — tries to understand the world of politics, music, and pop culture.