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With Lawsuits Flying Over Voting Rights, HeadCount Steps Up

Lawsuits are flying over attempts by Kansas and Arizona to change or disallow the federal voter registration form potentially creating a two-tier system where some residents can only vote in Federal elections. HeadCount put together a petition on the issue — which has almost 35,000 signatures, and counting.

We’re Sending Teachers to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

HeadCount and the Capitol Theatre are sending area school teachers to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for summer curriculum training. If you’re a teacher, here’s info on how to apply. If you love great live music, here’s how you can help.

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A Step Furthur with Capitol Community Auctions

The best 4 seats in the house for Furthur and many upcoming shows at the Capitol Theatre are available via “Capitol Community,” a charitable program managed by HeadCount. Proceeds will help Westchester, NY school teachers get scholarships to attend curriculum training at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

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