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An Internship That Combined My Passions

By Ethan Thorpe on November 27, 2012

My HeadCount internship was better than I could ever hope for. If you’re passionate about political activism and live music, you’ll definitely feel the same way.

On The Road with HeadCount and Magic Hat’s Participation Tour

By Ethan Thorpe on November 6, 2012

It was 4 a.m. when Jane and I hit the road in NYC for HeadCount and Magic Hat’s Participation Tour. Not only had we each gotten less than four hours of sleep that night, we were both still recovering from the chaotic post-Hurricane Sandy week behind us. Still, we weren’t tired. Who couldn’t be excited…

Personal Liberty Issue Update: How the Candidates Define Liberty

By Ethan Thorpe on November 2, 2012

You’ll often hear the words “freedom” and “liberty” thrown around in the Presidential campaign. What those words mean to each candidate, though, differs greatly. Here’s a quick look.

Remember Climate Change?

By Ethan Thorpe on November 1, 2012

“Climate Change” was not mentioned one single time in the Presidential Debates. Neither was “global warming.” Out of about four and a half hours and roughly 50,000 words, neither of those terms appeared even once. Yep, “Big Bird” was mentioned more than climate change.

Jam Cruise Calling

By Ethan Thorpe on October 10, 2012

Want to go on Jam Cruise 11 for free? Volunteer to make some phone calls reminding fellow music fans to vote. The more calls you make, the better chance you have of winning. The prize includes a spot in the HeadCount Jam Cruise cabin and $400 in travel expenses.