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PA Voter ID Law Struck Down in Court

A judge’s ruling could spell the end of strict voter ID in Pennsylvania.

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Can the Voting Rights Act be Saved? A New Bipartisan Bill Might do Just That.

The Voting Rights Act, designed to protect Americans from discrimination at the polls, was hobbled by a Supreme Court ruling last year. But now, a bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a bill that could give it new life.

Voter ID Loses Key Supporter, Gains Bigoted Defender

Voter ID laws, always controversial, have now suffered two major public blows, one from an early, decisive defender who now regrets his decision, and another from a conservative activist who offered a racist defense of the laws.

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“Voting Tiers” to Create Classes of Voters

Two tiers of voting are set to create two classes of voter in Arizona and Kansas, in reaction to a Supreme Court ruling that attempted to enforce federal regulations over state registration requirements.

As Two Lawsuits Challenge Voting Laws, Florida Prepares a New Purge

Election officials don’t seem too afraid of the DOJ or Eric Holder, who’s pledged to fight voter discrimination wherever he finds it. While he gears up for a legal challenge to North Carolina’s law, Florida builds its next purge of the voter rolls, and it’s Republican purge vs. Democrat lawsuit in Virginia.

Pussy Riot Prisoner’s “Slavery-like Conditions” and the Limits of Political Speech

Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, imprisoned since 2012 for a musical act of political protest, has written an open letter detailing rampant abuses in the Russian penal colony where, after attempting to officially complain of illegal conditions, she has now resorted to a hunger strike.

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The DOJ Takes on Texas Again — This Time Over Voter ID

Texas takes on a second lawsuit from the Department of Justice over voting laws the DOJ sees as discriminatory.

Voting in the Post-Preclearance Era

There’s more than one way to win an election.

NYC Votes: How a Wired City Can Make or Break a Candidate

Do technology and the internet really decide who wins elections? NYC might answer that question this fall.

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Voting Rights Fight Heating Up

New battles over voting rights are flaring up in TX and NC.

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