Author: Angela Linneman

Illinois Gets Early Voting, Same-Day Registration — For a Year

Illinois is expanding access to early voting and making it easier for public university students to vote. But not everyone is happy about it.

Arkansas and Kansas: Voter ID Battlegrounds

Legal back-and-forth on voting laws threw new ID laws in Arkansas and Kansas into question this week.

Voter ID is Dead in Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker failed to “point to a single instance of known voter impersonation occurring in Wisconsin at any time in the recent past.”

Voter Fraud Detector Fails in Florida

A controversial program designed to fight voter fraud has failed in Florida.

Wisconsin Early Voting Scaled Back Again

Wisconsin’s popular early voting period has been trimmed for the second time since 2011, this time eliminating weekend voting.

Two Tiers No More: All Voters Must Prove Citizenship in AZ and KS

Two-tiered voting is out. But proof of citizenship for registration is in.

Early Voting Takes a Hit in Two States

Necessary housekeeping or political power grab? Early voting facing limits in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Love and HeadCount

Sometimes, volunteering with HeadCount can lead to true love — of more than just music and democracy.

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The Internet Fights Back Against the NSA

A massive international protest is underway — online. Will it sway the NSA?

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Presidential Commission Urges Voting Innovations

If these good ideas are adopted, voting will get a whole lot easier.