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A Simple Symbol of Friendship and Hope

Flowers and a photo won’t stop a war on the other side of the world. But it’s tiny acts of love and solidarity, echoed across social media, that plant the seeds of peace.

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How Wayne Coyne Showed His Humanity By Stopping A Show

Wayne Coyne brought a shot to screeching halt out of concert for one fan, and reminded everyone what a festival is all about.

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Interview: #GoVote Artist Jim Pollock

“I’m pretty up front about my political beliefs, but I like to see a good race. I’d like to see both parties thrive and to have more parity.” – Jim Pollock

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HeadCount Holiday Fundraiser

For a little while now, HeadCount has been sitting on the MOTHERLOAD of signed posters and items from various festivals. So this year, we decided to hold a little fundraiser by auctioning them off for the holidays.

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Participation Row Pays Off

HeadCount KNOWS non-profit villages at music festivals, so when we got asked to run one for the Lockn’ festival, we knew good things would happen. But we never expected things would go so well there’d be a freakin’ ceremony!

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Interview: HeadCount Board Member Nicole Boxer-Keegan

The Oscar-nominated documentary “Invisible War” tackles the very heavy topic of sexual assault in the military. HeadCount board member Nicole Boxer-Keegan, an executive producer of the film, discusses the heart-wrenching stories it shares and the impact they’ve had on policy.

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HeadCount’s Best Year Ever

We are proud to announce that 2012 was HeadCount’s best year ever. We registered 103,340. The total for the two-year election cycle was 111,832.

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Presidential Debates ARE a Laughing Matter

HeadCount has teamed up with the comedy ticker to host viewing parties and bring some online levity to the Presidential debates.

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Rundown from an Epic Day

With the help of George Lopez, Stephen Colbert, 50 Cent, Dave Matthews and hundreds of volunteers, HeadCount registered around 40,000 voters on National Voter Registration Day. Here’s how it all went down.

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Snapshots of History

Over 200 musicians, actors and comics teamed up with HeadCount to stage the largest social-media based voter registration campaign ever. Check out their pics!

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