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Fare Thee Well Interview Series: Allen St. Pierre of NORML

With The Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary shows approaching, and HeadCount organizing a “Participation Row” non-profit village at the shows, we are running a series of interviews with key people from non-profits and various social good initiatives tied to the Grateful Dead. Today, we talk to cannabis activist Allen St. Pierre. Click here to view other interviews in the…

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Weir Plays Participation Row Guitar on Stage

The first two shows of Fare Thee Well were epic in every regard. It began with every fan getting a rose on the first night, and then getting treated to a double rainbow! The second night was even more special for all of us at HeadCount and the charities of Participation Row (the non-profit village…

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HeadCount and FireChat Go Off-The-Grid

HeadCount is teaming up with FireChat, an app from Open Garden that lets anyone communicate even when cell service and wifi are down.

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Disappointed by Youth Voter Turnout? Take Another Look

Youth voter turnout actually increased in 2014, despite overall turnout hitting its lowest level in 72 years.

The Facts About “Dropoff Voters”

Do you vote in the Presidential Election, but not again for another four years? You’re not alone.

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Participation Row is Coming to Phases of the Moon

The Phases of the Moon festival will host HeadCount’s “Participation Row” non-profit village

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We’ll Miss You, Rommel

HeadCount’s newest Team Leader left us way before his time. We hardly knew him, but will miss him always.

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A Simple Symbol of Friendship and Hope

Flowers and a photo won’t stop a war on the other side of the world. But it’s tiny acts of love and solidarity, echoed across social media, that plant the seeds of peace.

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How Wayne Coyne Showed His Humanity By Stopping A Show

Wayne Coyne brought a shot to screeching halt out of concert for one fan, and reminded everyone what a festival is all about.

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Interview: #GoVote Artist Jim Pollock

“I’m pretty up front about my political beliefs, but I like to see a good race. I’d like to see both parties thrive and to have more parity.” – Jim Pollock

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