Donate to Win a trip to Phish: Riviera Maya 2022

By Andy Bernstein on December 14, 2021


United We Vote

By Andy Bernstein on June 4, 2020

HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization and civil rights are nonpartisan, too. We needed to say this earlier, and we didn’t. We’re saying it now. Black Lives Matter. Black Voices Matter. Black Votes Matter. To make our voices heard, we need more than those words. We need action, too. HeadCount has released the United We Vote…

The Future Is Voting (in 60 Seconds)

By Andy Bernstein on September 5, 2018

How do we make the midterm elections into an accessible cultural event that everyone wants to join, as opposed to a political chore that many feel repelled by? HeadCount wrestles with these questions all the time. For 2018, our answer is “The Future Is Voting,” a new series of short videos that communicate an empowering…

Election Day 2017 Was Big for HeadCount + Voter Turnout

By Andy Bernstein on November 8, 2017

Yesterday was a big day for HeadCount and America. Voter turnout was its highest in years for the Virginia governor’s election, with increases among BOTH Republican and Democratic voters. Nearly half of all eligible voters (47%) turned out, which is unusual for a so-called “off-year” election. HeadCount’s #VoteLocal campaignreached a climax with more than 85…

Berklee Musical Town Hall

By Andy Bernstein on October 26, 2017

HeadCount’s first-ever Musical Town Hall took place at the Berklee College of Music on October 20th, a gathering to show off new talent while encouraging democratic participation. Organized entirely by students at the Jackson Browne Stage in “the Caf,”, the event featured three student performers with a fantastic house band, and talks by student government representatives…


By Andy Bernstein on June 29, 2017

On May 31st, Jerry Garcia’s “Wolf” guitar was auctioned for an astounding $1.6 million to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center, which fights racism and hate crimes. Just before the bidding started, Jerry’s daughter Trixie told the audience about how happy her father would be to know his guitar was supporting such a great cause. She then coined…

Meet John Mayer’s Veterans Charity at Dead & Co.

By Andy Bernstein on June 1, 2017

Layer by layer, fans of Dead & Company are learning more about John Mayer. On Sunday, they’ll get a first-hand look at his philanthropic side. The Veterans Health and Integration Program, (VHIP) a non-profit collaborative with Bay Area leaders in veterans health, was founded by John Mayer in 2011. They’ll be at Dead & Company’s…

NON-PROFITS WANTED: Participation Row is Coming to Newport

By Andy Bernstein on May 18, 2017

Attention non-profit organizations: Two of the coolest, most scenic and historic music festivals in the world want to welcome you to their hallowed grounds. HeadCount is teaming up with the Newport Folk Festival and Newport Jazz Festival to organize a Participation Row social action village at each festival. To apply or for more information, click…

D’Angelico Guitars Unveiled for Dead & Company Summer Tour 2017

By Andy Bernstein on May 17, 2017

These may be the best ones yet! D’Angelico Guitars and HeadCount unveiled a new set of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted guitars for the Dead & Company Summer Tour 2017, to support the Participation Row social action village. These five specialty axes will be signed by every member of the band and auctioned at various stops on the…

A Big Thank You After a Crazy Year

By Andy Bernstein on November 22, 2016

“This must be a weird/intense/crazy year for you.” People said something like that to me every day in 2016. Yes it was. And the two weeks since Election Day haven’t gotten any less weird. But 2016 was also the biggest and strongest year for HeadCount to date, and with your help we’ll keep growing –…