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Food & Farm Issue Update: Food on the Plate for GOP Candidates?

Unless you followed every word of every GOP debate, you might not know where the Republican presidential candidates stand on food and farm policy. Have no fear, as HeadCount is here to inform you on the issues NOT in the headlines.

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Human Rights Issue Update: The GOP and Human Rights

It’s election season! The Republican selection process is underway, so let’s take a look at where the contenders stand on some important human rights issues.

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Sustainability & Climate Change Issue Update: The GOP, Sustainability and Climate Change

Coming into Iowa, candidates stumped on a range of issues, including sustainability and climate change. Here’s where the 2012 hopefuls stand on the issue.

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A Real Whodunnit: The Oil Spill Blame Game

A parade of mega-corporate lawsuits stemming from the Gulf oil spill are doing nothing to address the needs of citizens, a HeadCount blogger argues.

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HeadCount’s Fan DNA Project Reveals Political Differences & Similarities of Music Fans

Concerts are often a place where musicians and organizations try to raise political awareness. But are crowds tuned in? Are they listening when artists call on them to take action? Do they generally agree on hot button issues, or are they as divided as the rest of the country?

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A Sustainable Answer to Invasive Species… Put them on the Menu

The hottest Sushi restaurant in New Haven, CT is serving up invasive species – and fighting environmental destruction in the process.

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Volunteer of the Month: Charlie Blatt

Sayin’ thanks to HeadCount’s Volunteer of the Month, Charlie Blatt!

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Anti-Semites Still Run Wild in U.S.

Disturbing happenings in Brooklyn, New York indicate that anti-Semitic sentiment is alive and well in our nation which is supposed to embrace faith of all kinds.

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Occupy Wall Street Comes to Brooklyn

I have been pretty critical of the of the Occupy Wall Street movement. You can find my published thoughts on the topic here and here. Standing outside the library the other night I was baffled as to why there were a bunch of helicopters hovering around my neighborhood. When I went inside and checked the news it was a bit unclear what was going on…

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Interview: Roger McNamee. Musician, Investor, Occupier

One of Silicon Valley’s most successful investors has been hitting Occupy events all over the country, bringing a Wall Street insider perspective to the movement